Our Mentor Media recipe for great success!

25. April 2024

Our Mentor Media recipe for great success!

We know you’re craving solutions. In a global market with major challenges such as MDR, cost saving programs, the need to switch to sterile, and long shelf-life demands, supply chain offerings are getting more and more interesting:

Our dressing:

“Just in Time” production and complete daily supply out of more than hundred warehouses; nothing we can’t deliver in time.


  • Take the right MDR compliant manufacturer for chamber machines and thermoformers, VC999, located in Kansas City.
  • Add a leading tray manufacturer with shortest lead times, Jamestown Plastics, based in Brocton, New York.
  • Marinate both with 10 years shelf-life for all pouches and trays.
  • Generously season with game-changing packaging, print, and facility solutions company, Veritiv, Atlanta Georgia.
  • Serve with the premier global supply chain solutions and sterile packaging company Mentor Supply Chain in Warsaw, Indiana.

Healthcare Service Solutions - Mentor Media
Veritiv + Mentor Media + VC999 + Jamestown: five-star dish of the century.

You don’t have to settle for anything less delicious and filling than what we have to offer.

And yes, we do deliver! Reach out to our star cooks:

Rachel and Juergen"