“This doesn’t have to happen!”

11. April 2024

“This doesn’t have to happen!”

We were shocked when one of our customers sent us this article. Please read!

We’re in the business of sterile packaging, so this was nothing short of horrifying for us to read. A hospital in Florida is facing a lot of turmoil because of contaminated surgical instruments. As a result, surgeries have been postponed. Here is our summary:

  • It’s not just bioburden that hospitals need to worry about, but cytotoxicity.
  • When clean parts are sterilized with unclean ones, you run the risk of cross contaminating all the instruments.
  • Hospitals have to contend with parts going missing or getting damaged in reprocessing.
  • Patients suffer when surgeries are postponed.
  • Hospitals lose a lot of money when faced with this problem.

This is why hospitals are demanding sterile, single-use instruments and companies have to adapt!

Our system is easy to adopt with validation support, packaging with a 10-year shelf-life, and a 15-day sterile packaging turnaround.

Stop the unnecessary risk of infection!

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Rachel Rozow Cook and Jürgen Klein