Heart Project

Dezember 2023

It's much more than just a pair of glasses.

A wonderful, eventful but also very busy year is ending. Time to get back to our beloved heart project in Thailand.

Our two schools for parentless children we give these lost children a chance in the form of education and agriculture. We are now more than 60 children and there is no end in sight.

I'm not writing these lines to be cool, it's the Christmas wishes of our little ones that make me a little thoughtful and lead me to write these lines.

Clothes came first, followed by glasses and pencils and an elephant.
Never thought anyone could not have glasses when they are needed.

And when I think about this year's challenges or current Christmas material battles, I wonder whether our focus is always the right one.

Far away to make anyone recommendations, we feel good and that's what counts.

Many thanks to my IMDPC team for their fantastic support.

Merry Christmas