Opening Event at Mentor Media

November 2023

What a wonderful Opening Event at Mentor Media –
End-to End supply chain solutions in Warsaw Indiana

We never had expected so many great visitors at our Grand opening in Warsaw. And do you know what’s best? All visitors took time for us. We prepared a lot of stations with help of our Alliance partners VP Sales, Alexander, and the VC999 CEO, Uriel to illustrate the complete process starting with the packaging design of sterile packed items until a finished labeled product and QM consulting about transfer and 10 years shelf-life. A big thanks to the officials of the State of Indiana, and the CEO’s and Presidents of Elanders Mentor Media, Magnus and Kok Khoon, for great speeches. Always great for us to get such profound support. But my biggest thanks to our super engaged employees to get this impressing project running and helped us to proceed this success story. This is an unbelievable journey “on the way” to the leading global supplier.

All of our passion we spend on the upcoming customer projects that’s our promise to you.

Your pending Sales team
Rachel & Juergen