The perfect project

July 2023

The perfect project

This week I met 56 clients in Thailand, wild and hungry for changes during our kickoff. Granted it was loud and not really structured, after some big ice creams it was getting much better.

After only 30 min all 56 small clients have agreed to a solution, without any further discussions or setting up extensive project teams. A dream for someone like me who is working 30 year´s in the Medical Device industry for sterile packaging/packaging machines/validations.

The decision was to buy some cows and thousands of fishes for our fish farms to become a 100% self-supporter.

Our clients are 56 parent-less children we educate and support since many years.

Do you know what’s best?

IMDPC got a follow-up order after one day project kick-off of the first project. Next time we take care of a chicken, duck, and pig farms.

Who in the Medical Device markets gets 2 project orders within 2 days? Thanks to our complete IMDPC team. The children’s eyes are shining.

Happy 4th to everyone.